«How to bring research from clinic to innovation - MS?» - 10th of March 2015



On March 10th Nansen Neuroscience Network organized the meeting "Clinic and innovation" in connection with" Nevrodagene". Clinicians, researchers and representatives from the pharmaceutical industry were gathered at Litteraturhuset in Oslo to hear about research, development and innovation related to multiple sclerosis (MS). 

Our former CEO Leif Rune Skymoen opened the meeting with Nansen Neuroscience Network's perspective on the field of MS in Norway. This field has undergone "a quiet revolution" with advances made within the past decade that has resulted in new drugs on the market, in contrast to other therapeutic fields. Skymoen pointed out that there is excellent research in Norway that could be relevant for the pharmaceutical industry, but there is a lack of culture for commercializing scientific academic results. Skymoen emphasized the importance of close collaboration between researchers and technology transfer offices (TTO).

Kathrine Bryne (picure above) from the The Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Norway talked about clinical trials in Norway. Bryne raised the issue of decreasing numbers of clinical trials carried out in Norway. She emphasized that more clinical trials in Norway is one the objectives outlined in HelseOmsorg21-strategy and highlighted important aspects on why we should and how to change this trend.

Trygve Holmøy, professor and MS-researcher from Akershus University Hospital/University of Oslo talked about the process from an idea to innovation. Holmøy gave the audience several interesting examples from Akershus University Hospital. One of the examples was a "vitamin-D calculator". Vitamin D-levels are suggested to influence the susceptibility and risk of disease progression in MS patients. Holmøy explained that this calculator can be used for prediction of vitamin D-levels for an individual patient with one single measurement.

The meeting ended with presentation by Ole Kristian Hjelstuen, CEO of Inven2, who talked about the interaction between clinicians and TTOs. The billion-deal, a licenseagreement, between Merck, Sørlandet Hospital and Inven2 was used as an example of a success story that illustrates what Inven2 can assist researchers and clinicians with.

After the meeting the participants gathered for tapas and networking. NNN would like to thank the speakers, the participants and our sponsors Merck, Biogen Idec, Teva, Genzyme and Novartis for a great event!