The decade for psychiatric disorders – how does Norway contribute?

The journal Nature has declared this the decade of psychiatric disorders. Leading neuroscientists, including our own Nobel laureate Edvard Moser, believe the greatest breakthroughs in neuroscience will come in psychiatry. 

Nansen Neuroscience Network has looked at Norwegian neuroscience research and psychiatric research in the light of the international developments – Do we invest enough? Are we good at it? What can we improve on?

Norway has built up some of the best neuroscientific research environments in the world, and we have specific initiatives for mental health. Through this, Norwegian research contributes with important knowledge on the brain and brain disorders. We have highly competent research on the areas that are expected to produce the major breakthroughs. The Norwegian research is primarily directed towards understanding brain function and what goes wrong during brain disorders, and so far little towards bringing forward new treatments. The innovation rate is currently low, but this should increase with greater investments like NORMENT.

For Norway to contribute to a greater extent to new biological tools for diagnosis, prevention and treatment, long-term research efforts must go in parallel with a strengthening of the innovation culture in academia and comprehensive investments in the health industry.

Read our analysis of Norwegian psychiatric research here (in Norwegian).

The analysis is to be presented at DM Arena Psykisk Helse on the 23rd of October, where Minister of Health, Bent Høie, will participate.