Exciting results from NNN-member MentisCura

NNN member company MentisCura, based in Reykjavik, Iceland, presented new and exciting data at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) in Copenhagen in July. MentisCura has spent more than 10 years developing a diagnostic technology that is able to detect Alzheimer’s disease up to 9 years prior to the appearance of clinical symptoms using EEG and advanced proprietary algorithms. At the conference a third party, blinded and independent study validating their product, Sigla, was presented. The study showed 88% accuracy distinguishing Alzheimer's Disease from healthy controls, and 91% accuracy for Lewy-body dementia. Mentis Cura also presented very interesting results combining Sigla (EEG) and MRI (MTA), where Sigla offers differential diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and Lewy-body dementia.

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