Highlights from ”The future treatment of schizophrenia”

Leading neuroscientist believes that our understanding of psychiatric disorders will change drastically in the near future. The journal Nature has announced the current decade as the decade of psychiatry, and the Norwegian government has chosen psychiatry as a prioritized field of research. To continue on this trend, NNN organized a meeting about the future treatment of schizophrenia on the 5th of June. 

This topic was so popular that more than 80 psychiatrists, doctors and neuroscientist defied the heavy rain and turned up at Litteraturhuset in Oslo, and there was even a waiting list to attend the meeting. After the talks, the participants continued with discussions and networking over tapas and drinks. Professor Ole Andreassen, leader of the Norwegian Centre of Excellence NORMENT, gave a talk about what we can expect from antipsychotic drugs in the near future. Which drugs are in the pipeline, and which mechanisms do the drugs modulate?

Professor Kenneth Hugdahl from the University of Bergen continued with a talk about the technological advances in the diagnosis and treatment of schizophrenia. Together with his co-workers, he has developed an iPhone app that patients can use to tackle auditory hallucinations, and that simultaneously measures their improvement.

Professor Ingrid Agartz from UiO/OUS completed the round of talks with highlights from The 4th International Schizophrenia Research Society Conference that took place in Florence in April. Among the topics that caused the most enthusiasm at the conference was the latest results from a large GWAS study that identified 128 genetic associations, 83 of which had not previously been reported. Among other highlighted topics were gene-environment interactions, drug abuse and risk of psychosis, Attenuated Psychosis Syndrome, and the use of antipsychotic drugs in children.

NNN would like to thank the speakers, the participants and our sponsors Lilly and Takeda Nycomed for a great evening!

Below you can download the presentations from the meeting: 

Fremtidens medisiner for schizofreni - hvilke nye legemidler er under utvikling? - Professor Ole Andreassen 

Fremtidens teknologiske løsninger for schizofreni - Professor Kenneth Hugdahl  

The 4th Biennial Schizophrenia International Research Society (SIRS) Conference - Professor Ingrid Agartz