New NNN Board and protocol from General Assembly

Sarsia Seed partner Sveinung Hole joins the NNN board. Erik Christensen reelected as chairman.The annual NNN General Assembly was held in Oslo Science Park on June 10th, in connection with the NNN member meeting and summer party. 

At the General Assembly Erik Christensen of Pre-Diagnostics was reelected as Chairman of the board. Sveinung Hole, Managing Partner of Sarsia Seed was voted as new board member. Hole brings 15 years of leadership and board experience from a variety of businesses. Including business entrepreneurial know-how from the health-care sector, regional MD and strategy director at the Berlitz corporation, general manager, marketing and strategy director positions within the Telenor corporation, and director at the joint departments of anesthesia, intensive care, and surgery, Haukeland University Hospital Bergen. Sarsia Seed AS is a Norwegian Seed Capital Fund with head offices in Bergen, and which invests in Norwegian early phase technology companies within the energy/cleantech and biotechnology/life science sectors. 

Linda H. Bergersen (University of Oslo), Ioanna Sandvig (NTNU), Ole Kristian Hjelstuen (Inven2) and Håkon Sæterøy (Pre Diagnostics ) were reelected as board members. Tormod Fladby (AHUS/University of Oslo) and Elen Høeg (MSD) were elected as board members in 2013 for a period of two years. 

Torfinn Hansen, former general manager of Wyeth in Denmark and Norway and country lead for Pfizer in Norway, replaces Janne Sande Mathisen of Smartfish in the NNN election committee. Olav Haraldseth (NTNU) and Joel Glover (University of Oslo) continue in the election committee.

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