NNN secures new agreement with Innovation Norway

We are happy to announce that Innovation Norway have decided to continue supporting the development of NNN. Through an agreement signed in July, Innovation Norway has committed to maintaining NNN’s status as National Innovation Network throughout 2015.

"Innovation Norway has provided instrumental support to NNN since the network was founded in 2010. In addition to Innovation Norway sources, our services are currently financed through membership fees and other support from our members. The NNN board and administration are working to secure a long-term foundation for the growth of the organization, and the new agreement with Innovation Norway is an important bridge between the current and future NNN", Leif Rune Skymoen, CEO of NNN, says.

"Innovation Norway is very pleased to follow the progress of Nansen Neuroscience Network. The recent evaluation by Oxford Research underscores the importance of this national network in order to connect a strong science base with business opportunities. Building an innovation culture takes time, however, and we are happy to continue our support for NNN", says Ole Jørgen Marvik, Sector Head for Life Sciences at Innovation Norway.